There’s no doubt about it, ‘The Kate’ is the look of the season. Ever since The Duchess unveiled her new ‘bangs’ back in September, just about everyone has jumped on the fringe trend!

Celebrities rocking the Autumn fringe trend

From Ellie Goulding’s new ‘do, to Sienna Miller’s go-to look, we have picked some of the best celebrity fringes that will definitely make you consider taking the plunge this Autumn!


If there’s one lady who knows how to wear a fringe, it’s Suki Waterhouse. We love that she always opts for the messier style, the choppy fringe hitting below the eyebrows might be a little annoying to maintain, but it looks incredible!



The pop singer recently enlisted the help of Celebrity hairdresser Chris McMillan, who also styles Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston’s locks, to give her a new statement fringe.

She posted a picture of her new look to her Instagram page after having the chop and said: “Obviously the second I meet @mrchrismcmillan he gives me a fringe/bangs.



When The Duchess stepped out with her new fringe during an outing in Scotland back in September, the internet went absolutely bonkers for her new style! Now widely referred to as ‘The Kate’, her locks have become the latest hair trend.

Here she is at the Spectre premiere:



It’s hard to think of a time when Alexa hasn’t rocked a fringe. Grungy tousled locks are her go-to style, but she has updated it recently by opting for a softer fringe.

Hair expert Paul Edmonds says there’s many benefits of wearing a fringe in this style: “These days it is no longer about heavy set bangs hitting the eyebrows but a fringe is worn in a softer, broken up fashion. This allows it to transcend all ages and hair types.”



The stunning English actress really knows how to rock a fringe. Similar to Kate Middleton’s style, Sienna’s fringe cuts just by her cheekbones this helps to extenuate the shape of her face.


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