Clean like a Queen – StylPro Brush Cleaner

stylpro brush cleaning

Earlier this year,we wrote about the importance of cleaning your make-up brushes. We mentioned the funky new gadget, the StylPro, which claims to wash and dry your make up brushes in 30 seconds. Well, just in time for Christmas, Holly got her hands on one – and she’s giving us her verdict.

You might remember the inventor of this girly gadget from 2011 when he won The Apprentice. Since then, Tom Pellereau has been working on a number of beauty gadgets designed to make us Jane’s lives easier.

Enter the StylPro

It is so important to wash your make up brushes regularly (experts say every 2-4 weeks at least). so anything that can make it quick and easy is definitely welcomed. Since I have started washing my brushes more regularly (I used to wash them twice a year), I have noticed a huge decrease in skin breakouts and my make up goes on so much smoother and sits nicer on my skin all day.

Unpacking the StylPro, I could feel the quality in the product straight away. The weighty glass bowl is bigger than I expected, and the silicon holders easily fit all my brushes.

Stlypro brush cleaning kit

Let’s get started

For make up brushes used for products like powder or blusher, using the StylPro with a good antibacterial wash (hand wash or similar) and water works just fine. For foundation, concealer or lip brushes, you might need to use the make up brush cleaner supplied, to really give them a good clean.

So, put a pump of your chosen wash in the glass bowl, add about an inch of lukewarm water and then set up your brush in the right silicon mould. Once it’s all secure, dunk your brush in a few times and then turn on the StylPro, holding the brush in the liquid but not touching the bottom of the bowl.

As the brush spins, the water will turn murky and swish around, but the glass bowl makes sure nothing is splashed. After ten or so seconds, take the brush out of the water (but still in the bowl) and continue spinning for 10-20 seconds. Stop the gadget and take the brush out of the mould.

Stylpro foundation brush

Foundation brush: before and after

Hey presto!

It’s clean and bone dry. I don’t think I would ever have fully believed it if I hadn’t have given it a go myself. Usually even after 24 hours my brushes are slightly damp so to see a brush dry in 20 seconds blew my mind.

Concealer brush before and after

Concealer brush: before and after

What’s the verdict?

My honest opinion is that every girl needs one of these. At £49.99, it is quite pricey when you can use some shampoo and do it yourself under a tap, but the ease and quality of the StylPro makes the investment fully justified. All your brushes, washed and cleaned in all of 5 minutes.

Add it to your Christmas list now!

Are you giving it a try? Let us know what you think – @tweetjanes.