Brush Crush: tender, cleaning care

Makeup brushes cleaning tips

Lots of you will be reading this post and thinking, “What? I need to actually CLEAN my makeup brushes?” and the answer is yes! Think about it…how often do you wear make-up? Whether it is a light coverage of powder with a hint of blusher for work or a full face of make up for a special occasion or party, a huge percentage of us use a brush on our face most days. The amount of bacteria the hairs of your brush pick up in a week will make you squirm, let alone a year. (In a recent survey, some brushes had more bacteria on them than a toilet brush! OHMIGOD.)

I suffer from acne and have done since I was a teenager so finding ways to keep my skin from flaring up has become a normal occurrence. I find some things do help to calm a flare up and one of them is regular brush cleaning.

Give your makeup brushes the love and care they deserve

Cleaning your brushes doesn’t just help with removing bacteria from the brush hairs, but it helps to keep your brushes in good condition as clumpy build up can have an effect on your powder coverage. Why spend money on nice brushes if they are full of old foundation?

Makeup brushes – the best cleaning products

So, to help you decide which cleaner is right for you, here are some of the best ones on the market at the moment.

StylPro Brush Cleaner

Stylfile, £49.99

Ok. I thought I’d hit you with this one first to get the pricey option over with! If you really are serious about cleaning your brushes once a week then this is the option for you. In the long run, it will save you money on cleaners, as well as saving you so much time. This special little gadget is from inventor Tom Pellereau (winner of The Apprentice 2011) and will clean and dry your brushes in 30 seconds. By spinning the bristles at high speed, it will separate out and clean from deep inside the brush. This is the option for a hardcore make-up user with limited time. Think of this as the complete “salon experience” for your brushes.

Mac Brush Cleanser

MAC, £12.00 for 233ml bottle

This is a good cleaner for those quick little “freshen ups” your brushes sometimes need if you have been travelling or used a different shade to usual. The smell is nice and clean (not too chemically) and it claims to lengthen the life of your makeup brushes by conditioning the strands. This one is good for a quick clean between applications to disinfect and condition bristles. Think of it as the “dry shampoo” for make-up brushes.

bareMinerals Well-Cared for Brush Conditioning Shampoo

bareMinerals, £10.00 for 120ml bottle

This rich, foaming cleanser washes away all traces of dirt, makeup and oil from any of your brushes. It will also condition the hair and fibers for a soft finish. Dry flat overnight on a towel and they will be ready to go again by morning. Ideally would be done once a week but once a month is ok too. This is the “deep cleansing shampoo” for make-up brushes.

Lazy girl option

Can’t be bothered to splash the cash on a good brush cleaner? This is the cheap option to keep those makeup brushes soft and clean! Lather up some baby shampoo (Johnsons is the first that comes to mind, £1.50 from most supermarkets) into your brushes and rinse well. Remember to shape them when wet and dry flat on a towel overnight. Don’t scrub them, just gentle lathering will be fine.

So there you have it – make sure you wash your makeup brushes more than once a year to get rid of all the nasty bacteria and leave them performing their best!

When was the last time you washed your brushes? Let us know – @tweetjanes.